About Us

Who we are:

Forgotten Shores Property Management Group, LLC is a family-owned vacation rental management company that offers quality homes and superior customer service. 

As owners of Forgotten Shores Property Management, we have been dedicated to the vacation rental management industry for 10+ years, having held every position from Front Desk personnel, Reservation Specialist, Maintenance, Real Estate Photographer, Videographer and Marketing to Guest Services Coordinator and Owner Liaison. With the knowledge and experience gained from years of working with renters, homeowners, maintenance vendors and housekeepers, we are able to offer a vacation rental management experience that treats our homeowners as valued team members and our renters as welcome guests.

Living local, only a few minutes from St. George Island, we are available to our occupying guests 24/7. Whether you have a maintenance emergency, question, or if you just want a locals opinion on the best places to eat and things to do, give us a call!

Interested in Property Management?

We understand the difficulties of managing a second home from afar.  Whether you simply need an absentee homeowner property management option or if you are interested in offering your home as a short term vacation rental property, we are happy to help! 

What We Can Do For You:

Personalized attention and service. Large management companies can only offer a fixed program in order to manage a large number of rental homes effectively, but what works for some may not work for all.  As a smaller company, we can offer a personalized program according to a homeowner’s preferences and accommodate special requests.

Increased familiarity with home. Our team will have personal familiarity with your home. The same team members manage every aspect of your home as opposed to various departments and employees. This allows for a more complete knowledge base of your property.

Heightened awareness for possible damages. Personal familiarity with your home allows us to easily identify possible damages or missing items.

Reduced fees and cost. No nickel and dime expenses.

 If you are currently searching for an investment property or are stuck between a few different options and are curious how a specific home may perform as a vacation rental property, we can offer a projected Gross Rental Income figure based on size, location and amenities.

In addition to vacation rental management, we also offer absentee homeowner property management and foreclosed property management services, fulfilling the needs of private property homeowners, banks and anyone in between.

Call or email to inquire about a free evaluation